iMarkets – Your Market Solutions Program was established by IIANC Member Services to facilitate the relationship between carriers desiring to write coverage and IIANC member agents that are unable to receive company appointments due to volume commitments, location or other factors. This exclusive program is available as a member benefit only to IIANC member agencies.
This program was developed to meet the needs of our members. It is important to understand that it is not the desire of IIANC to compete in the insurance marketplace nor is this an endorsement of any specific company. This distribution mechanism is open to any carrier that has a need and/or desire to reach more agents and completes the IIANC approval process for inclusion in iMarkets.  
Below is a list of companies currently accessible to IIANC members through iMarkets. Click on each company’s name to learn more about the coverages offered, download sub-agent appointment forms, or view underwriting guidelines. Please note, IIANC is in the process of approving additional carriers for iMarkets. Member agencies will need to complete separate sub-agent appointment forms for each company as they are added to iMarkets.


Participating Companies 



Bankers Insurance Group    MetLife Auto & Home       UPC Insurance Group

Receiving a Direct Appointment

The ultimate goal of iMarkets is to equip IIANC member agencies with the markets and resources they need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. The program is structured so that once an agent reaches a pre-determined volume level, the agency may be eligible for a direct appointment with the company.

Membership Requirement

Participation in the iMarkets program is dependent upon active IIANC agency membership. An agency must be in good standing with the association and membership dues must remain current in order to be appointed with a company through iMarkets or to continue writing business through the program. If an agency’s membership dues should lapse at any time, a notice will be sent from IIANC and the company that existing policies will not be renewed nor can new business be written.

Appointment Process

To begin using iMarkets, an agency will first need to be appointed as an IIANC sub-agent with the participating companies. Agencies are appointed separately with each company so an application will have to be submitted for each one with which you desire an appointment. Please visit the individual company page for the application and additional directions to begin the appointment process. You will need to allow 21 days for appointment processing. Sub-agent appointments are not guaranteed.
General Process Steps:
  • IIANC member will complete the appropriate appointment forms for each company and forward to IIANC Member Services with the required attachments. 
  • IIANC Member Services reviews the submission for proper completion and forwards appointment forms to the company.
  • The company will review the submission for approval. Once approved, they will enter the sub-agent information in their system and forward a username/password to the IIANC member along with a welcome packet. (This process takes approximately 21 days.) 
  • IIANC member quotes, binds, and issues policies via the company’s website.

Questions? Contact: 

Sharon Koches
Vice President of Insurance Operations