We recognize that in the past the Trusted Choice® brand and advertising efforts may not have been as effective as we hoped in North Carolina. In fact, in a member survey 85% of you said the challenge you most regularly face is that people are either unfamiliar with, or have misconceptions about, what an independent agent is. So your association wanted to help solve this problem!
Last year, IIANC began working with Capstrat, a nationally-known communications agency to help us develop a better marketing strategy to promote Trusted Choice independent agents in North Carolina. After months of research with consumers and member agents, Capstrat identified the key components of the IIANC Brand Promise – our members’ advantage over the competition. It’s what sets us apart and makes us different.
To help your agency easily implement and communicate this brand promise to your customers, we have put together a thorough branding guide for you. This guide, which is available exclusively to IIANC members, breaks down the thought behind our brand promise, compelling reasons for using it, and provides real-world examples on how to apply it in your agency. Successfully branding your agency can be as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of this guide:

But, the real key to successfully advancing independent agents in North Carolina is for ALL of us to work together to promote the brand. So obtain your free copy of the branding guide today and use this proven messaging to better communicate the independent agent brand promise to your agency’s customers and prospects.

Email freedom@iianc.com for a copy of the IIANC Brand Promise.

Contact Rena Todd at rtodd@iianc.com or (919) 863-6540.

Learn More About the Freedom Advertising Campaign

IIANC spent $300,000 in 2014 advertising our member independent agents across North Carolina. We are utilizing the new Freedom Campaign materials, which are also available for members to use in your own advertising efforts. Professionally, designed ad templates are available for free as well as up to $1600 back in marketing reimbursement funds for your agency. Click here to learn more.