Insurance Regulation in North Carolina

Department of Insurance

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI) is the primary source of insurance regulation in North Carolina. IIANC works closely with DOI officials as an advocate for independent agents and North Carolina insurance consumers.

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Regulatory Representation

Insurance is one of the most regulated industries in the world. As an independent agent, your voice is heard by legislators and regulators through IIANC. Our members and staff serve as association representatives on state boards and commissions to be your voice. Any questions or concerns are expressed on your behalf to the following entities:
  • North Carolina Reinsurance Facility Board of Governors
  • Beach and FAIR Plan Board of Governors
  • Beach and FAIR Plan Managers' Advisory Council
  • Guaranty Association
  • Department of Insurance Agents' Advisory Committee
  • Continuing Education Advisory Committee
  • Public Officers and Employees Liability Insurance Commission
  • Market Assistance Plan (M.A.P.)