Umbrella Insurance

RLI Umbrella Products

You have access to a premier standard personal umbrella product for auto and home protection, as well as a home business policy, through RLI. Go to to get a quote online immediately.

  • RLI Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP):  The RLI PUP program provides the best protection for your client or their family. RLI's PUP stands atop existing homeowner and auto insurance to provide an extra layer of personal liability protection. With RLI's PUP program, you can maintain your auto or home coverage with whatever insurance company you choose, provided you agree to maintain the mandatory minimum underlying coverage limits. The policy may be written either in the name of an individual, in the names of both spouses, or in the names of two unrelated individuals as long as they reside in the same household. The insured’s spouse and members of the insured’s household who are relatives or are in the insured’s care and custody are insured under the policy.
  • RLI @-Home Business Insurance:  This program is specifically designed to meet the insurance coverage needs of eligible home-based businesses at affordable prices and provides comprehensive coverage on a stand-alone basis. This program reduces the risk of operating a home-based business by providing general liability insurance and business personal property coverages. With pricing starting as low as $150, the policy includes coverage for theft or damage to business property, liability coverage for clients visiting an insured’s home for business purposes and liability coverage away from home in case of damage to other people's property. 
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Anderson & Murison Umbrella Products

Clients with substantial assets, or high current and future income need high limits of liability protection.  Homeowners and Automobile Liability policies are often inadequate in providing necessary protection against catastrophic liability claims.  

The Anderson & Murison Personal Umbrella Policy (A&M PUP) is a stand-alone personal umbrella policy in the admitted market that has been designed to meet the diverse needs of your insureds. The carrier is National Casualty, "A" rated by A.M. Best.  Anderson & Murison, Inc. represents National Casualty as the national administrator of the Personal Umbrella Policy.  A&M has underwriting and policy issuance authority and as such, is your connection to both the primary Personal Umbrella Policy and the excess Personal Umbrella Policy.
  • Primary Personal Umbrella Policy
     - $1, $2, $3 $4, $5 and $10 million in liability coverage
     - Insureds with up to 4 moving violations are acceptable
       - Insureds with one DUI or other major violation are acceptable 
     - Driver exclusions are available in all states except AR & WI     
     - Motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles & personal watercraft okay 
     - Residential farms are usually acceptable  
       - Coverage for vacant land, apartment units & rental units 
         - Entertainment, sports & political personalities are acceptable with special rating 
   - Worldwide Coverage 
     - Agent Commission: 10%
  • Excess Personal Umbrella Policy:  Use this policy in combination with the primary umbrella policy to provide very high limits of coverage for very low premiums.
      - $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 million limits in excess of underlying umbrella
    - Entertainment, sports and political personalities are acceptable with special rating
    - Worldwide Coverage
    - Agent Commission: 10%

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