Freedom Campaign

Through a special partnership with Trusted Choice®, IIANC members can access the Freedom Campaign featuring completely redesigned ads to help independent agents compete with captive agents!


We're Advertising for You!

During 2014, IIANC invested $300,000 to promote our member independent agents across the state. North Carolinians saw these ads in publications like Our State Magazine and major newspapers across the state. In addition, online advertising on popular websites targeted the types of customers your agency wants to attract!

All advertising directs consumers to to "Find an Agent" or "Get a Quote" in their area. Make sure your agency is listed prominently in the search results by purchasing an Advantage Subscription.  Learn more here >>>>

The New Trusted Choice TV Commercial


How Does This Affect Me?

To make this easy for you, these Freedom Campaign advertisements are available to you as a FREE MEMBER BENEFIT and can be customized with your agency's logo and information. Print ads, digital banner ads, radio ads, TV  commercials, direct mail pieces and more are available to help you advertise in your local area. Place an ad on your local radio station, advertise in your town's newspaper or mail a postcard to members of your community - it's that easy!

These ads can be accessed by visiting the Trusted Choice Agent Resource Site and logging in with your National ID/password. Click here for a helpful step-by-step graphic on how to access these ads.
Forgot your log-in information? Contact IIANC at (800) 849-6556 or

Now Offering Customizable Commercials!

In addition to the new Trusted Choice 30 second commercial that's airing on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN (see above), there are also several new companion video ads that agents can customize and use on TV, your website or social media!
Access these additional videos >>>>




Advertise in Your Local Area

Trusted Choice is offering IIANC members a state-wide digital media buy, which includes display banner ads that are shown adjacent to content on eligible webpages across the internet. The display banner ads are targeted based on age, gender, web behavior and location. Some of the sites consumers could see the ads are: YouTube, The Weather Channel and, just to name a few.

Interested in learning more?
Contact Kiescha Cherry at

Webinar: Trusted Choice Digital Advertising in 30 Minutes or Less!
Are you interested in advertising your agency online? Do you need a little help with the process? Would you like to get BELOW wholesale prices for digital advertising? Let Trusted Choice help you!  Trusted Choice has a 30-minute webinar on the ins and outs of digital advertising and how to promote your agency in your local market. Agents that register for the webinar will learn how to drive potential leads to their agencies through having a strong online presence. 

View a recording of this webinar >>>>


**NEW GUIDELINES** Get Money Back! Up to $1600 Available in 2015!

Each Trusted Choice member (agency and branch locations) can benefit from the expansion of the Marketing Reimbursement Program this year. In the past, agencies were reimbursed 50% of their spend on co-branding efforts when they used the Trusted Choice logo on business cards, websites, and other promotional materials. While agents can still take advantage of the 50% reimbursement for up to $100, the newly-redesigned tiered format of the program allows agents to get even more for their money in advertising!
  • Tier 1: Tier 1 offers $100 back, encouraging agents to co-brand by utilizing the Trusted Choice logo on marketing, promotional and advertising materials.
  • Tier 2: In addition to the $100 as part of Tier 1, agents are encouraged to use these new Freedom Campaign advertising materials to receive an additional reimbursement of $750.
  • Tier 3: Throughout 2015, Trusted Choice will offer agencies digital advertising/marketing services that will be managed by Trusted Choice. Any agency wishing to purchase digital advertising/marketing packages will receive up to a maximum of $750 in reimbursement which may include digital advertising, content marketing, and social media assistance. For more information on this tier, please contact

Download 2015 Marketing Reimbursement Program Guidelines and Application

Questions about the Marketing Reimbursement Program? Contact Trusted Choice at or (800) 221-7917.


Contact Rena Todd at or (919) 863-6540.