Grassroots Action Center


IIANC needs your help to make sure the voice of the independent agent is heard in Raleigh and on Capitol Hill. Our political efforts are much stronger when we have the support of our grassroots - our IIANC members. Those making laws depend on their constituents for input on issues that are before them. Expressing your interest or concern with issues may take place with personal conversations while the elected official is home on weekends or recess, through a telephone conversation, or depending on the urgency, fax or email messages. This is called “grassroots” and along with our Political Action Committees, forms the cornerstones of our legislative program.

With our state of the art Grassroots Action Center below, IIANC is able to quickly activate our members on important and timely issues. The IIANC grassroots network, powered by VoterVOICE, automatically matches you with your legislators and helps you easily contact them by providing sample wording and a simple email/letter distribution system. You will also receive important grassroots information and legislative alerts from IIANC.

If you have any questions about the association's grassroots efforts, contact Aubie Knight at or 888-274-6897.