Federal Legislators

Although your federal legislators may be working from Washington, DC rather than North Carolina, it is still imperative that you, as a constituent, maintain a connection with them. This contact is especially important when they are discussing issues that could affect the independent agency system. What happens on Capitol Hill can have a direct impact on your livelihood and the success of the independent agent, as well as your customers.

IIANC encourages members to contact your federal legislator with your opinions on legislative and regulatory issues. We also invite members to participate in the IIABA National Legislative Conference held annually in Washington, DC. Hundreds of independent agents from around the country converge on Capitol Hill to meet with legislators, attend briefings on industry issues and hear directly from key congressional leaders.

Our national association, IIABA, has a full-time staff of lobbyists who work to educate federal lawmakers about issues and regulation affecting independent insurance agents.

United States Congress

Use the links below to contact your federal legislator and find out what is happening on Capitol Hill. For more information on the US Congress, visit www.congress.org.

US Senate

US House of Representatives

Congressional Bill Search