AAI Designation Program

What Is AAI?

**Please note: these courses combine self-study with a classroom exam review. Because of this self-study requirement, no registrations will be accepted within one week of the class.

The Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI) designation program gives you an edge in the increasingly competitive insurance business. The AAI program is ideal for all agency staff, including producers, CSRs, account managers, and support staff. By completing the program, you will learn practical information you can use right away, including how to:
  • Increase your commissions
  • Enhance your knowledge of policies and coverages
  • Develop more effective sales techniques
  • Learn the language of underwriters
  • Improve agency workflows
  • Serve your customers better
  • Avoid E&O claims
Plus, you can earn CE credits for license renewal. AAI is the result of a join effort of the Insurance Institute of America and IIABA. The AAI program is very cost-effective and flexible. Also, no CE credits are required to maintain your designation.

Contact the IIANC Education Department at education@iianc.com or 888-275-8907 with questions.

How Do I Earn the AAI Designation?

The AAI program is designed in three easy-to-manage seminars so you can minimize the amount of time you are away from the office. The three AAI seminars - AAI 81, AAI 82 and AAI 83 - are each broken down into three individual classes and an exam. You must attend all nine classes and pass all nine exams to receive the AAI designation. There is no time limit to earn the AAI designation.

A short exam is administered at the end of each AAI seminar. Students have one hour to complete a multiple-choice exam that covers the material taught in the seminar.

AAI candidates who have completed the IIA Program in General Insurance (INS) or the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) program may earn the AAI designation by passing the AAI 82 and 83 exams. In addition, students who have credit for CPCU 2, 3, and 4 need to pass only the AAI 82 and 83 exams to earn the AAI designation.

How Do I Maintain the AAI Designation?

There are no requirements to maintain the AAI designation.

AAI Course Information

The information below is the same for all nine AAI courses.
Visit the IIANC Course Calendar to see when/where the AAI classes are offered and to register.

Time: Registration Fee:
Registration: 8:00am - 8:30am Member Price: $185.00
Class Time: 8:30am -3:30pm Non-Member Price: $225.00
Exam Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm (fee includes books, instruction and exam)

CE Credits: Fee to Re-Take Exam:
6 GEN Member and Non-Member Price: $35.00

AAI 81: Foundations of Insurance Production

AAI 81-A: Principles of Insurance
(Course No: C75502)

The Insurance Business: An Overview; Insurance and the Legal System; Risk Management and the Producer; Insurance Sales and Account Development

AAI 81-B: Personal Insurance
(Course No: C75503)

Homeowners Insurance; Personal Auto Insurance; Other Personal Insurance; Personal Financial Planning

AAI 81-C: Commercial Property Insurance
(Course No: C75504)

Introduction to Commercial Insurance Property; Property Direct Damage Insurance; Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance; Commercial Inland Marine Insurance

AAI 82: Multiple Lines Insurance Production

AAI 82-A: Commercial Liability
(Course No: C75505)

Commercial General Liability Insurance; Products-Completed Operations Coverage; Professional Liability; Commercial Automobile Insurance; Garage and Motor Carrier Insurance

AAI 82-B: Other Commercial Insurance
(Course No: C75506)

Commercial Crime Insurance; Businessowners Insurance; Other Commercial Coverages; Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance

AAI 82-C: Specialized Insurance and Bonds
(Course No: C75507)

Specialty Property Insurance; Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance; Ocean Marine and Aviation Insurance, Surety Bonds.

AAI 83: Agency Operations and Sales Management

AAI 83-A: Principles of Agency Management
(Course No: C75508)

Agency Formation and Environment; Organizational Management; Agency Sales Management; Personal Production Plans

AAI 83-B: Insurance Production Environment
(Course No: C75509)

Producer-Insurer Relations; Public Image of the Insurance Agency; Agency Growth and Customer Communications; Market Segmentation and Target Marketing

AAI 83-C: Agency Management Tools and Processes
(Course No: C75510)

Managing Agency Information Technology; Management of Customer Services; Agency Financial Management; Producer's Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
Begin DateTitleLocationCE TypeCE HoursState Course#Code
5/12/2015AAI 82 A Commercial LiabilityCaryGEN675505AAI82A15
6/2/2015AAI 82 B Other Commercial InsuranceCaryGEN675506AAI82B15
7/7/2015AAI 82 C Specialized Insurance and BondsCaryGEN675507AAI82C15
9/3/2015AAI 83 A Principles of Agency ManagementCaryGEN675508AAI83A15
10/8/2015AAI 83 B Insurance Production EnvironmentCaryGEN675509AAI83B15
11/10/2015AAI 83 C Agency ManagementCaryGEN675510AAI83C15