Logo Information

The Big "I" has adopted new logos for both member agencies and the association to use. All member agencies will need to update their marketing materials, office signage, stationery, websites, etc. with the appropriate new logo as the previous red/black oval IIA logo is now obsolete. 


Where do I get copies of the logos?

Member agencies can download the new logos in a variety of file formats and colors (two-color, one-color, black-white, etc.) Please click on the link below to find the logos as well as guidelines for the proper ways to use the logo within your agency.

It is very important that you carefully read and adhere to these logo usage rules as they are necessary to ensure consistency in branding and trademark protection of the logos. The rules will guide you through the requirements to assure consistent and permissible use of the Big “I” and Trusted Choice® logos, for the best branding value and use in a manner to enable the Big “I” to be able to appropriately protect the logos' trademarks, such as from misuse, infringement and dilution. There are visual examples to demonstrate how the logos can be used as well.

Download Trusted Choice Logos >>>>

**You will need your IIABA ID and Password to log in to this member-only page. If you do not know your login, please email logon@iiaba.net or contact Jill Lewis at jlewis@iianc.com.

**NEW** 2015 Trusted Choice® Marketing Reimbursement Program

In order to deliver the brand experience to your customers consistent with Trusted Choice®, Trusted Choice® will reimburse a portion of expenses, up to $1,600, incurred in 2015 by Trusted Choice® agencies in co-branding materials such as advertising, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, agency signage and logo-wear; and in creating or updating a digital presence to include the Trusted Choice® logo, link to the Trusted Choice® website and Pledge of Performance. This is not meant to replace your agency’s brand, but to complement it by including the Trusted Choice® logo on these materials. Reimbursement will only be made for use of the Trusted Choice® logo…(not the IIABA association logo, which looks very similar). 
There are four guiding principles of the Marketing Reimbursement Plan: 

  • Allows for any activity involving the Trusted Choice® logo in external messaging with consumer impact 
  • The application must provide reasonable documentation that an expense was incurred and paid 
  • The nature of the expense is reasonably correlated to the external messaging and promotes the Trusted Choice® brand to consumers.. 
  • The MRP will not reimburse ongoing expenses like website hosting/maintenance, directory listings or subscriptions to marketing services. 


If you have any questions about the logos, please contact Rena Todd at rtodd@iianc.com or (919) 863-6540.